Minutes – 2008

Date of Meeting – 27th June 2008

Location – Waud Towers

Those present
Jeremy (Ex-Chairman) Waud (Chairman – self appointed)
David (Doc) Watson
Steve (Chopper) Waud (asleep)
Apologies – from Jeremy for not thanking Jackie properly

1. We decided that despite not being quorate, we should at least go through the motions. The minutes of the previous meeting we read and accepted as being a true and accurate load of old bollocks.

2. Matters arising – well none really apart from the fact that we still hadn’t commissioned the stripy blazer – we would have commissioned a sub committee but there was nobody to commission.

3. Everything else was a bit hazy and as there was no bugger taking the minutes, we decided to pack it in in case we came up with anything blindingly brilliant and forgot.

Meeting closed and drinking was resumed.

J. Waud – Chairman (self-appointed) Mister Nobody – Secretary